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The 43rd Annual General Meeting of Bundeena RSL Memorial Club Ltd will be held on

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 25TH at 11AM at Bundeena Public School Hall. 

Click here for the Minutes of the 42nd AGM of Bundeena RSL Memorial Club held on 02.08.15

Click here for the Bundeena RSL Memorial Clubs' Annual Report Yr End 31.03.16

Click here for the Agenda of the 43rd Annual General Meeting of Bundeena RSL Memorial Club Ltd 






Latest Rebuild Update - 02.09.16

Exciting news for Bundeena RSL Memorial Club and our members!

If you have any questions relating to this statement, please PM Bundeena RSL Club directly or alternatively email us at and management will respond ASAP.

Bundeena RSL Memorial Club has secured its future in a dramatic deal to buy the club premises and land on behalf of their members.
After protracted negotiations, the long-term landlord of the club, RSL Custodian, agreed to hand over the premises, which were destroyed by fire 18 months ago, in its current state for $250,000.
When works already carried out by RSL Custodian are taken into consideration, the Bundeena RSL Memorial Club has secured the property and land for a nominal fee.
As part of the settlement, RSL Custodian will retain all of the remaining building insurance funding.
“It’s been a long and difficult negotiation but we are thrilled we are in now in control of our own destiny,” said club CEO Sara Watkins. “Our club is now where it belongs – in the hands of our members.”
Club president Lynn Wootten said the hard-won purchase was an “enormous coup”. “We can now get on with rebuilding our club and returning it to the heart of the community,” she said.
The Memorial Club is now urgently investigating all financing options to start the re-building as soon as possible.
The Memorial Club will continue to work alongside the local Bundeena RSL Sub-Branch with important ceremonies throughout the year, including ANZAC Day.
A reminder that the Memorial Clubs’ AGM will be held on Sunday, September 25th at 11am at Bundeena Public School Hall. We hope to see plenty of our members in attendance.
*Please note that only financial members will be permitted to attend the AGM.

Lynn Wootten, President
Sara Watkins, CEO
Camilla Hargreaves, Operations Manager


Latest Rebuild Update - 08.03.16


RSL Management have been working hard behind the scenes to make it happen and are now pleased to announce that we have been successful in our application for a $300,000 state government grant through the ClubGRANTS Category 3 funding for emergency services. 
This is great news for emergency relief for Bundeena and also for the Club!

Read the full story regarding the grant and what it will be used for here:


Bundeena RSL Rebuild Update 02.01.16


On the 24th December 2015, Bundeena RSL Memorial Club finalised and accepted a settlement offer from their Insurer, which included Furniture, Fittings & Equipment (FFE) and Business Interruption (BI) components of the Insurance claim.


The building cover (which is held in trust for Bundeena RSL Sub Branch by RSL Custodian) has also been finalised and accepted.


This final settlement was the result of months of intricate negotiations, which involved several professional services including claims preparers, brokers and quantity surveyors working with Insurance to provide the best possible result for our beloved club.


To give some insight into the level of work that has occurred regarding reaching this final settlement, the Memorial Club was required to provide a list detailing every object and each piece of equipment destroyed in the fire. In all, 632 different items were provided to Insurance for replacement along with individual quotes, price verifications with the clubs asset register.


In regards to the Business Interruption component, detailed trading figures and trending forecasts were prepared and provided to insurance as a part of the claim.


It is anticipated that the settlement will be received by both parties in early 2016.


Club Management & the Board of Directors are currently preparing cash flow & budget forecasts to give some insight into how to best maintain the Memorial Club financially whilst the rebuilding process occurs.


It is too early at this stage to provide a clear indication as to what length of time the rebuild will take, nor how the rebuilding process is going to occur. However once any information is received, better analysis and decision making can occur by the Memorial Club.


 This is a crucial and important time for your club of which Club Management and the Board are working hard behind the scenes to provide the best possible result with the insurance monies received.


Rest assured, the Memorial Club will keep you - our members informed of any further information as we receive it.


The latest updates will also be posted to our club website and facebook page




Bundeena RSL Memorial Club Management (Sara and Camilla) & Bundeena RSL Memorial Club Board of Directors

Bundeena RSL Latest Rebuilding Update - 27.11.15


As promised at our AGM, we’re writing to fill you in on the current situation regarding rebuilding your club.


We’re well aware it has been a while since the last update.


The process is taking far longer than we ever imagined and is way more complex than it first appeared to all concerned.


It’s clear there is a great deal of frustration at the perceived lack of progress. This is entirely understandable.


Be assured, we on the management team and board share your frustration.


As explained at the AGM held in August 2015, there are three components to the insurance contract:

1. The building cover
The property is held in trust by RSL Custodian Pty Ltd for Bundeena RSL Sub Branch.

2. Furniture, Fittings & Equipment (FFE) cover
This sum belongs to the memorial club.

3. Business Interruption (BI) cover
This sum also belongs to the memorial club.

We are presently in negotiations with our insurer over the FFE and BI component figures. The Bundeena RSL Sub Branch are in a similar situation regarding the building cover.


This is now the source of the delay in the process. Once negotiations are concluded the rebuild process can start.


Note also, the memorial club are the tenants of the building. Progression of the rebuild is being dealt with by RSL Custodian in conjunction with Bundeena RSL Sub Branch. Together they will make the final decision on any rebuilding matters. 


We hope this will go some way to explain the apparent delay and also the vigorous efforts of your management and board “behind the scenes” to return our much-loved club to the village, and hope that very soon we will have some positive information to pass on.


In the meantime, if you’re looking for a great evening of entertainment in Bundeena, the Bundeena Community Band will be performing at the community hall for their end of year concert on 12th December @ 7pm. Tickets are $40 each and are available at


On behalf of the Board and Management of the Bundeena RSL Memorial Club, we’d like to take the opportunity to wish you and your family a very happy and safe Christmas.



Sara Watkins, CEO Bundeena RSL Memorial Club

Camilla Hargreaves, Operations Manager, Bundeena RSL Memorial Club

Lynn Wootten, President, Bundeena RSL Memorial Club 




Email Database - Bundeena RSL Club 


We are currently updating our email data base to ensure our members and guests receive regular updates regarding the club. Email is the most efficient way for us to provide you with the latest information.

Please click here to add your details to our database. 


Previous Rebuild Updates:



Bundeena RSL Rebuild Latest Update - 15.06.15


Things are happening with your RSL club rebuild!

The next stage in the process of returning a bigger and better club to the heart of your community will start at the end of June with Stage Two demolition.

A huge amount of complex and detailed work from our RSL Club Management and the Board of Directors involving builders, architects, quantity surveyors, insurance experts and lawyers has gone on behind the scenes to get to this stage.

RSL club management and the Bundeena RSL Sub Branch are committed to giving you back your club as quickly and efficiently as possible, however this is a lengthy process as all changes must be approved by RSL Custodian.

We’d like to thank everyone who took the time to fill out our surveys. Much of the response was as expected but there were also some less expected results. For instance, many of your really want a coffee shop/café.

Everyone’s ideas will be taken into account as we begin to formulate plans for your new club.

Initially, we hoped to be back in business by Christmas but that is now impossible. However, we very much hope to be able to welcome all our members and guests to their new club in the latter stages of 2016.

Our AGM will be held in August at Bundeena’s community hall. Detailed information will be available shortly and we urge all members to come along, show their support and have their say.

RSL Club management, Sara Watkins and Camilla Hargreaves, are working from a demountable office in the RSL car park  from Monday to Friday. Feel free to pop in and see them with any questions.


Thank for all your support and patience!

Sara Watkins CEO, Bundeena RSL Club

Camilla Hargreaves Operations Manager ,Bundeena RSL Club

Lynn Wootten President, Bundeena RSL Club 


Bundeena RSL Temporary Site Now Closed

Our temporary club marquee structure "Sparkies" which was erected to accomodate our fantastic ANZAC Centenary plans, had its' final day of trade on Sunday, May 17th 2015.

Club management and the board of directors will now work together to bring you a bigger and better Bundeena RSL Club in 2016. 

Stage two demolition of the old club is expected to begin in early June 2015. 

We will ensure to keep you members and guests in the loop with what is happening. 

We thank you for your support of our temporary club "Sparkies" and we very much look forward to bringing you updates as the rebuild of our much loved RSL club progresses.  

Sara Watkins, CEO, Bundeena RSL

Camilla Hargreaves,Operations Manager, Bundeena RSL

Lynn Wootten, President, Bundeena RSL


Bundeena RSL Rebuild Questionarre - Please Click Here



"Rebuilding Your Ari" team - Left to Right

Bundeena RSL Sub Branch President Paul Griffiths, RSL Memorial Club Operations Manager Camilla Hargreaves, RSL Memorial Club CEO Sara Watkins & RSL Sub Branch Treasuer Neil Guy with "Sparkie" aka Lady Madonna the cockatoo. 

Photo: Lisa McMahon Photography



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Bundeena RSL Club temporarily closed due to fire.

The Bundeena RSL Memorial club was devastated by fire in the early hours of 12th February 2015. Management and the board of directors are now working hard to bring you a bigger and better Bundeena RSL in 2016! 

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